Staying Clean

Staying Clean

Workspace cleanliness and personal hygiene are the keys to a healthy and successful life on the road. The trucking lifestyle can present its challenges on staying clean and hygienic, but like all careers, appearance and hygiene is important.

Taking the time to keep your truck cab clean has many benefits such as: preserving the quality of the interior, preventing germs and bacteria from growing and spreading, making your truck look more professional (which can help during traffic inspections), and preventing distractions while driving.

Truck cabs are a confined space that can be cleaned within a reasonable time frame. Truck cleanliness and good hygiene, promote a healthy work environment that you can thrive in. Truck cab maintenance should be as important as maintaining the truck’s mechanical parts as it directly influences your mood and health. Good hygiene prevents illnesses that can prevent you from being on the road. Good hygiene also helps with self-esteem. You want to be in a good mood while you’re at work, keeping your truck and yourself clean directly influences your daily mood.

Keeping your body and appearance clean is important to keeping your self-esteem high and crucial for your physical and emotional well-being.

Good personal hygiene can be attributed to the development of hygienic habits, some examples include:

  • Showering daily
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Washing hands at all times
  • Changing into clean clothes
  • Cutting your nails
  • Covering your mouth when you sneeze/cough

Here’s a few tips on keeping your truck cab clean:

  • Clear out the trash (do this often) – keep a garbage can in your truck cab to allow you to collect garbage at a designated spot and remove it at an instant.
  • Vacuum your cab – germs and dirt spread through-out your carpets easily. Keep your space clean by vacuuming.
  • Clean the dashboard – this will help prevent dust, ridding the steering wheel, buttons, and knobs of any bacteria to prevent illness and promote good hygiene.
  • Clean the windows – using a soft cloth, windows can hold bacteria that you don’t want in your truck.
  • Check the air filters – checking and replacing the air filters allows you to ensure that you’re breathing clean air in your truck cab.
  • Regularly wash your bedding and pillow covers – washing your bedding regularly will prevent bacteria and allow you to get a good night’s sleep.

Furthermore, you want to keep yourself and your “home away from home” as clean as possible. It’s proven to increase performance, health and happiness.

Now to end the blog with an inspirational quote:

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” – Jim Rohn

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  1. How about installing vacuum cleaners in the yards so drivers can clean out their trucks? Not everyone has a place at home where they can take it to clean it out.

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