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What Our Drivers Are Saying

Find a company that will keep open communication and support you throughout your journey, like Hyndman has done for me.

Nicole F.

Hyndman Team
Equipment is so important; knowing I am driving a well-maintained, solid piece of equipment down the road gives me peace of mind.

Greg S.

Company Driver
One of the benefits of the Hyndman and Celadon Partnership is the drop and hooks. There are a lot more drop terminals and less sitting on a dock for an extended period. It is very efficient; more miles, more money and more home time.

Sheryl H.

Company Driver
At Hyndman, they communicate with drivers in a respective manner, offer stability, and allow me to provide for, and spend time with, my family. I left to pursue other opportunities, but I came back because I believe this a great company to work for.

Mohamed E.

Company Driver
The things I like most about driving for Hyndman are the flexibility and support from the company overall. At Hyndman, they respect your time, and try to work with you in partnership.

Umesh B.

Owner Operator
There is a true partnership at Hyndman between Drivers and Dispatch. When I am out there on the road, I work hard, and I get my time at home when I need it. There is no forced dispatch at Hyndman, and that is one of the biggest benefits in my opinion. My home time is important to me, and Hyndman respects that.

Barb T.

Lease Operator
For me, the main reason I enjoy driving for Hyndman is the investment they make in their equipment. The trucks and trailers are very well maintained. I have been inspected on many occasions over my time here, and never once have I had an infraction. I like being able to protect my own license; it is a sense of pride for me, and Hyndman understands that.

Adam H.

Former Company Driver, now Orientation Coordinator


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