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Hyndman proudly operates a Livestock Fleet with an elite group of drivers, some with over 20 years of experience. This fleet operates modern, well-maintained equipment with livestock trailers that convert to haul dry freight one way and livestock the other.

And to keep rewarding our fleet for their hard work, we’re excited to announce that we’ve increased pay for both our company and owner/operator livestock drivers. Company livestock drivers now earn an $.08/mile premium on all loads, and we’ve increased livestock owner/operator base pay to $1.18/mile!

We move dry freight to Western Canada or to the U.S. and then convert the trailer to a livestock trailer to haul livestock back to Ontario or Quebec.

Hyndman provides a training program in accordance with regulations to handle and transport livestock. A positive attitude, a great work ethic and care and concern for animal welfare is required!

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With the extra responsibilities come rewards.

In addition to the regular pay schedule, the flexible benefits on day 1, and outstanding bonus opportunities:

  • Livestock Company drivers earn an extra $0.08/mile premium on all miles.
  • Livestock Owner/Operators earn an extra $0.13/mile premium on all miles.
  • Plus, ask us about additional assessorial pay!

Apply here or call today at (800) 332-0515 for full Livestock pay and benefits details!

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Company Solo Livestock Pay Rates
  • Company Base Rate $0.43 (<1 year experience)
  • Company Base Rate $0.45 (>1 year experience)
Equipment and Technology
Owner/Operator Pay Rates

Earn $1.71/mile on all loaded miles!

  • $1.18/mile base
  • $0.09/mile tridem trailer premium
  • $0.13/mile premium
  • $0.31/mile fuel surcharge (as of 9/24/2018)


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