#DriverManagerMonday with Mike Petrie

#DriverManagerMonday with Mike Petrie
Driver Manager Monday Mike

A Little About Mike Petrie
Automotive Supervisor, Ayr Terminal

V: What was life before being a superstar DM?

M: Before I was a DM, I worked as a truck driver for 21 years. I did a bit over the road and some local routes; you could say I’m a multi-tasker! I worked for 12 years as a truck driver for Hyndman and so far, 8 years as a DM for Hyndman. I have been with the company throughout the transitions from the time it was Gerth, Celadon Canada, to Hyndman.

V: Mike, how have you seen the trucking industry change?

M: The trucking industry is more centered around truck drivers. One noted change is that back then the stereotype of a typical driver was that they ate trashy food, but now it is all about health and healthy eating habits. There are many walk and exercise programs for truckers to keep fit on the road.

V: Did you always want to become a truck driver and eventually a DM?

M: I took the opportunity to be a truck driver back in 1985. I was given the opportunity from my boss to drive truck. It was all paid for by the company, so I took the opportunity. I became a Driver Manager by accident. I was asked to cover a leave for a DM, and when I was finished a job position opened for a DM and I took it.

V: By working as a truck driver in the past how does that help with your current position as a DM?

M: Truckers feel a sense of comfort because they know I understand what they are going through.

V: What is a typical day for you?

M: Unpredictable! Things can escalate quick, but I have learned how to handle it and come up with resolutions quickly. Sometimes I have to reach out to other people on the team. The best answer can come out during a brainstorm session. My favourite saying is ‘problems are inevitable, solutions can be found, you’ve come to the right place.’

V: When is it the busiest for you?

M: Busiest peak during my current schedule is usually Thursday and week ending. Mostly, because of pre-planning for the next week.

  • Driver Manager Mike Petrie
    Driver Manager Mike Petrie

Things You Wish You Didn’t Know About Your DM

V: Shark diving, bungee jumping, or skydiving?

M: I’m going in the cage and seeing the shark. I’m scared of heights.

V: What is your perfect pizza?

M: I am a cheese freak. I always have extra cheese, pepperoni, and green olives.

V: Which cartoon character do you think you resemble and why?

M: Tasmanian Devil because I am a reactive person. If you say go…I go! Proactive- zip, zip, zip, and I go! I get things done.

V: What was your favourite song at 14?

M: Saturday Night by the Bay City Rollers. I liked that song because the girls liked it!

V: What is your favourite movie of all time?

M: All the Rocky films.

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