At Hyndman, we know that our drivers make our best recruiters. We would like to thank all of you whom have taken advantage our Driver Referral Bonus Program and referred quality drivers to us. Your participation is welcomed and appreciated.  Effective immediately, we are excited to announce that we have doubled our Driver Referral Bonus to $2,000 – and respectfully request your assistance.

When our trucks are seated at full capacity, we are best positioned for optimal revenue generation, business growth and thus, providing more opportunities, pay and benefits to our fleet and staff.  Thus, we are reaching out to you and requesting that you serve as a positive on-road and/or social media ambassador, speak favourably to the benefits of working at Hyndman and encourage other professional drivers like yourself to join the Hyndman family.  We are committed to working through our challenges with the goal of making Hyndman the best place to work overall. We invite you to participate in the shaping of our future and help us recruit some great drivers to our overall benefit.

Here’s how the bonus works. You provide your name to your referral candidate and ask them to include it on their online application. You may also notify the Recruiting Dept. to keep watch for a candidate’s application. As soon as your referred driver passes our recruiting and orientation process, we will pay you $500 after their first dispatch; $500 after they complete 3 months; $500 after they complete 9 months and the remaining $500 at their 1 year anniversary mark provided, you both are active drivers with Hyndman at each payout date. The Recruiting Dept.  will liaise with Payroll to ensure you receive prompt payment. You may wish to reach out to your referred drivers and act as a buddy in helping them adapt to the company and share your expertise. This will go a long way to ensuring they stay with us for the full year and you get your full bonus.

Imagine if you referred just one driver per month to Hyndman. You would supplement your income by another $24,000! This program provides a great opportunity to help fund the kids’ college, save for retirement, or that Harley you’ve always wanted or perhaps, that special trip you’d like to take, etc. You will find our pay rates and benefits listed online at Our Recruiting Dept. will be most happy to provide any guidance as well. If you would like some personal business cards to hand out to potential candidates, please contact Ben Oke at 800-606-2526 ext. 80029. Also, every Friday, from noon to 2 p.m., Recruiting hosts the Hyndman Café in the Ayr terminal Driver Lounge. Feel free to stop by and ask any questions you may have about the Hyndman Driver Referral Bonus or contact Deborah Hart, Director of Recruiting & Retention at 800-606-2526 ext. 80027. We thank you in advance for your driver referrals and wish you much success with this amazing opportunity.

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