Beat The Clutter

Beat The Clutter

Your truck is your home away from home. The long trips and late nights can lead to stress and anxiety. We’re here to help alleviate those symptoms. Hyndman is committed to helping our drivers organize and declutter their trucks. We’re bringing in a professional to help us gain insight into the most efficient ways to organize a truck cab. This blog is meant to provide you with tips on organizing and decluttering, which is guaranteed to help improve the ambiance within your truck.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” is a quote that should be used as a mantra to guide you in the right direction. Having only the items that prove valuable and useful is the key to organizing your space.

Out With The Old
The first assignment should be to gather all the objects in your truck and make a pile. Within this pile, pick up each item and assess if it brings value or usefulness in your truck. Visually assessing the pile of objects is a good way to see how many items you have. This method will allow you to re-organize everything once you put it back (and toss out the items that you don’t need).

Organizing the items in your truck will give you more space to move around and help you mentally. Having more space will allow you to stay disciplined and avoid becoming distracted. As a trucker, mental awareness is a top priority. Quicker decision making skills can save you from a life or death scenario. Organizing your work space will increase mental awareness and decrease frustration – leading to a healthier and happier life on the road. Research has proven that the more stuff you have in your living space, the higher your cortisol levels (stress hormone) are. Organizing your living space reduces anxiety and reduces depression. Fact check us!

Decluttering your truck will allow you to keep track of how clean your truck is. If it starts to feel cluttered after you’ve organized the items in your work space, it will allow you to spend less time organizing a second time as everything has a designated spot. The formula is very simple, the less clutter you have around you, the less time you have to spend cleaning!

After you’ve organized and decluttered your truck, mindful purchasing will allow you to avoid going back to the old mess. We purchase many items unnecessarily and frivolously. A thorough decluttering session will make you realize the items that you bought as an impulse decision might not have brought much value to your life. Mindful purchasing will save you the stress of having too many things in your work space and the added benefit of saving your hard-earned cash.

As you begin to organize and declutter, you’ll instantly feel a sense of relief and freedom. By being surrounded by a cleaner space, you’ll feel less attached to your possessions and more focused on yourself and the road!

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