All About The Culture

All About The Culture

Logistics is what makes our economy run. When you enter your local supermarket, the products you see are brought to you by hard working truck drivers. Whether it’s early mornings or late nights, truck drivers are on the road, delivering the goods needed to enable you to provide for your family. When you see a truck on the highway, rest assured that they’re working tirelessly to take care of your family and theirs.

At Hyndman, the appreciation for our truck drivers has not gone unnoticed. Our drivers are the heart and soul of our business operations, that’s why our company culture is committed to ensuring that our drivers needs are put at the forefront of our initiatives.

With completely overhauling our culture and orienting ourselves to become a driver first environment, we’re striving to make our drivers feel appreciated daily. By increasing our communication efforts with the implementation of various social media campaigns and utilizing other tools, we ensure that our drivers aren’t missing out on daily updates and other company initiatives. We’ve also improved our driver welcome packages by listening to the needs of the drivers and implementing the items that are most needed for the long days on the road. By observing the needs of our drivers and keeping our communication efforts in high regard, we guarantee to increase driver satisfaction and retention.

Our newly forged social committee is working energetically to continually improve the culture by generating community social initiatives, revamping the quarterly driver service awards, and hosting team-building events and gatherings.

Look out for Hyndman in 2019, we’ve got a new and improved attitude that will embody a welcoming environment and focus on people-oriented principles. If you’re interested in joining our family, please click here or call us at 1-800-332-0515.

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